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🆕 I don’t need to have an opinion about everything ›

'Every day, a billion instantly conjured words on any contemporaneous subject you can think of. Events and noise, events and noise.'

Paperless ›

Photo albums, contracts, insurance documents and medical records all slip through the slither of scanner light and into a literal shredder.

Noah Kalina, Kraig Adams, Prince Philip ›

Lifting lockdown, a look at what apps are compatible with the new M1 MacBook Air, Konfekt magazine and what else I've been up to

Death ›

Prince Philip's death serves as a memento mori, a reminder that we all are making our way to that final second.

Changing my mind in public ›

Why I'm removing the paywall on and cancelling your paid-for subscriptions in return for more free and open content

Vaccinations, Mysteries of Science, Vanilla Ice ›

Review of Focus for YouTube, Notion, Calendly and HEY for Work, plus talk of Cal Newport's A World Without Email and more.

Security and effectiveness of a digital census ›

How do you store digital census information to keep it safe for 100 years, and how useful is a census anyway?

&SONS, Allpress, HomePod Mini ›

Review of Apple's HomePod Mini, tell you how long a pair of Grenson sneakers last and chat about Cal Newport's A World Without Email

HEY for Work ›

Review of HEY for Work. Everything I love and hate about HEY for Work and using custom domains on HEY email.

Echelon, WhatsApp, WandaVision ›

Review of Reebok GB40 exercise bike, using Echelon with Apple Fitness+, as well as WandaVision and more

Donating 2% ›

Alternatives to 1% For The Planet, why I am donating 2% of my income in 2021 to charitable causes and exactly how that's split

What kills Facebook? ›

WhatsApp changes its privacy policy to share your data. How can Facebook be stopped?

2020: What happened? ›

BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Fun Kids, making podcasts and getting out more; what happened in 2020?

Recommendations from 2020 ›

Top podcasts of 2020 as well as top albums, books and audiobooks of 2020

Obama, Greta, Taylor Swift ›

Apple One review, iPhone 12 Mini, a review of Enola Holmes and Taylor Swift's Folklore documentary.

1,000 trees and 1.5 degrees ›

How to become carbon neutral cheaply. Be carbon neutral for less than £400.

Ethical alternatives to big brands ›

Every act our money is involved in is tacit moral, political, and ethical support. Pick better options.

Mollie's Diner, Gaia, Geocaching ›

Review of Mollie's Diner on the A420, Luke Jerram's Gaia, The Warehouse in Gloucester and Chris from Geocaching HQ in Seattle

Keeping an audio journal ›

How to keep an audio diary, audio diary apps and why audio journaling is for everyone

Moved ›

Review of Criminal and The Social Dilemma as well as The Warehouse Rockclimbing in Gloucester, Bristol Zoo and the Wild Place Project.

Moving ›

On moving out of my childhood home, Lush's spa music, Moneybox's recent record-breaking investments, and artwork I'm inspired by.

Goodbye, Twitter ›

I will not read Twitter again. I will not respond to DMs. I will not be tweeting again. I no longer use Twitter and haven't since 6 September 2020.

Sir Tim Smit, Chris Moyles, Jim Carrey ›

Big Bitcoin mistakes, Chris Moyles' moans on-air, and everything about the events podcast for children, Activity Quest.

Activity Quest ›

Fun Kids' Stuck at Home podcast I've been producing and editing becomes Activity Quest.

Times Radio and Design Anarchy ›

My thoughts on the brand new Times Radio, how to donate your Twitter account to non-profits, and what I think of

iPhone SE ›

Why the iPhone SE is the most significant event in the consumer electronics industry to date.

A radical future ›

A manifesto for a better world, post-coronavirus.

British Podcast Awards nominations ›

The Week Junior Show and The Santa Daily podcast are up for British Podcast Awards, plus I review Love People, Use Things

Black Lives Matter ›

We've packed our problems away during the coronavirus epidemic – but they're still there.

How I made this website ›

This blog is made with Ghost, hosted on Ghost(Pro) with a custom Ghost theme and is made to be as privacy-friendly as possible.

Blockchain social media ›

For the first time in human history this is a communication network that is entirely uncensorable.

Aesop's Rozu and Trunk Clothiers ›

A review of Trunk Clothiers in London and Aesop's brand new Rozu perfume, plus VOGUE's Anna Wintour mentors me via Masterclass

Making radio from home ›

How to record a podcast from home and tips on how to have great audio no matter where you are in the world

Stuck at Home ›

I’ve been producing and editing a podcast called Stuck at Home, for little ones on lockdown.

The best journaling app ›

The habit has never stuck until recently and I put my newfound success down to one thing: Standard Notes.

Are you okay? ›

Times are tough for everyone at the moment. If you want to chat at any time about anything send me an email – I reply to everyone.

Weapons of mass creation ›

These are the tools I use to make and manage my most creative projects.

Coronavirus and news anxiety ›

What people fear most about tragedy is its randomness and I feel the Coronavirus pandemic has solidified that fear

BBC Radio Glos and the School of Life ›

The School of Life's Alain De Botton, the artwork of Fun Kids brand new podcast The Space Programme and some art I made for BBC Radio Gloucestershire

All emails answered ›

I reply to every single email. Yes, every email. Even the spam emails. Even the mailing list emails.

How to become a climate activist ›

Understand the climate crisis, understand solutions to the climate crisis, and find out how to become a climate activist.

The Space Programme and Decade Clock ›

All about The Space Programme on Fun Kids, I review the brand new Naomi Klein book, and tell you about Decade Clock.

Subscribe to my podcast ›

You can subscribe right now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Bodies into billboards ›

What if, instead of wearing the brand names of some of the world's biggest companies, we instead donated the space to organisations that help improve our world?

Community over audience ›

I've taken a decision that some of the mightiest publishing giants in the world have struggled with this past decade and implemented something akin to a paywall. Here's why.

Predictions for 2030 ›

From computers passing the Turing test to the UK setting a new hottest temperature record, I predict the state of the world in 2030.

I planted a tree for you ›

I plant a tree for every email newsletter subscriber, plus top climate change combating tips and how to live more ethically

Resolutions for 2020 ›

What I want to achieve in 2020 and why I think I'm pretty terrible at keeping New Year's Resolutions.

Mallards Pike and Windsor Great Park ›

I visit Mallards Park and Windsor Great Park, chat about the new Coldplay album – Everyday Life – and the Tory stronghold of Wantage

Coldplay, The 1975 and Shane Dawson ›

Review of Coldplay's Everyday Life, the latest The 1975 album, and chat about Digital Radio UK's Drive to Digital 2019 conference

Everything I own ›

Minimalism is about curating objects that are both functional and beautiful. Here's everything I own.

Basildon Park and Burrows and Hare ›

Review of Burrows and Hare in Oxford, a trip to Basildon Park and Oxford Uni's Arboretum

Why I left Monzo ›

Legacy banks are cloning the features of Monzo and other challenger banks. Is this going to cause them trouble?

Somebody stole my iMac ›

Somebody stole my iMac. Here's the steps I've taken to secure the stolen device and set up my new one.

The Great Hack and Monocle podcasts ›

I saw War Horse on tour in Oxford, watched The Great Hack and listened to brand new Monocle podcasts – here's everything I've been up to

Recommended coffeehouses ›

Here are some of my favourite coffeehouse haunts near the office and beyond. Pret never needs to be on the cards again!

Encryption, security, privacy ›

Claiming back my privacy is not about having something to hide, it's about having something worth protecting.

McCarthyism and Moneybox ›

All about investment app Moneybox plus the Blewbury Players' The Crucible in this monthly digest of what I've been up to

Donating 1% ›

One of the most hands-on ways a person can affect change and support a cause they believe in is by funding it – here are the charities I donate to.

My Morning Routine ›

An interview with the people behind My Morning Routine, plus my own morning routine

Wychwood 87.7FM and Radiohead ›

Review of Wahlburgers UK in Covent Garden, all about Wychwood 87.7FM and Radiohead's MiniDiscs [HACKED]

Notebook nineteen ›

Notes on notebooks and why committing things to paper also helps commit them to mind

Self-destructing tweets ›

Since July 2016, I've been setting my tweets to self-destruct. Three years in, here's what I've learned and why I think you should do it too.

Three Abbey Green and Captain Corelli ›

A trip to Bath to see Captain Corelli’s Mandolin with a stay at Three Abbey Green in their covered Lord Nelson Suite

Kidtropolis and living cash-free ›

Review of Kidtropolis at the NEC and Kioskafe in London plus notes about going cashless thanks to a Twitter argument

Guru Coffee House and Grenson shoes ›

Review of Guru Coffee House, Jane's Pantry and Coal in Gloucester plus GWR's Touch tickets and The Greyhound in Besselsleigh

Slow watches and ONEYEARCLOCK ›

Review of Slow Watches (I'm wearing the Slow Round 12), ONEYEARCLOCK, and what I'm listening to right now

The World Cup and Which Wich ›

I build a website to track the scores of the 2018 World Cup and review sandwich chain Which Wich in central London

RadioDays Europe and Denmark's P2 ›

Review of Holee Cow in Cheltenham, Denmark's P2 radio, plus I went to RadioDays Europe

Introducing ONEYEARCLOCK ›

ONEYEARCLOCK is a clock with a single hand that takes 365 days to complete a revolution.

Simba mattress and Sugru ›

Review of Simba mattress, what Shia LaBeouf is doing now and a product that will let you fix absolutely anything: Sugru

Secrets of Silicone Valley ›

I discover more about a man named Acton Smee Ayrton, Big Ben, and review The Secrets of Silicone Valley on BBC iPlayer

Ghost and Great Expectations ›

Minimalism and the environment plus how to build a great Ghost blog – it's what I've hosted my website on for years

Growing vegetables and Dave Erasmus' vlogs ›

What I think of Doctor Who's political correctness, how I've been growing vegetables, and I review Dave Erasmus' vlogs

Naomi Klein and smartphone sociology ›

Review of No is Not Enough by Naomi Klein, eco-friendly podcasts and the sociology of the smartphone

Taxes and the need to rethink them ›

Tax needs some good PR work – a radical re-think of the way it is perceived. Rather than a punishment on working people, it needs to be seen in a more philanthropic light.

Decentralisation of energy generation ›

Why solar power is the future for micro-communities across the world.

Friends of the Earth Clean Air Kit ›

What I learned from Friends' of The Earth's Air Pollution campaign and how I measured air pollution in my garden.

How Bad are Bananas? ›

I bought a book on a whim last weekend. 'How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything' seemed like a nice read, given all of the work I plan to do this year on the environment.

Pantone Colour of The Year: Greenery ›

Colour has always been an integral part of how a culture expresses the attitudes and emotions of the times.

Michael Acton-Smith of Calm ›

I chat with Michael Acton-Smith, one of Calm’s founding pair, to find out more about the app that's changing perceptions

Sweatshop-Free Certification ›

There needs to be a logo that distinguishes items not made in sweatshops from those that are – and here's why

Thoughts on the EU Referendum ›

I remembered a poster from my secondary school: ‘History doesn’t feel like history when you’re living through it’, it read

Is Beats 1 Redefining Radio? ›

‘Defying Conventions: Is Beats 1 Redefining Radio?’ was originally submitted as part of a University of Gloucestershire Radio Production module.

The Core of It: Severn Cider ›

The story of how an apple becomes alcohol and how one of Gloucestershire's best cider producers got started.

Core Blimey: Award winning cider ›

Core Blimey Cider – the University of Gloucestershire’s social-enterprise that I’ve been working on for the past year – won Tone Radio an award earlier this week

Jem Finer of Longplayer ›

Starting 12:00 UTC on the 31st of December 1999, Longplayer aims to continue without repetition until the last moment of 2999.

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