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Growing vegetables and Dave Erasmus' vlogs

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I can't believe it's been a fortnight since I sent my first email. I actually had to go back and check because I wasn't too sure.

We're almost at August, the schools have just finished and yet I'm curled up in bed with rain hammering on the window beside me, a hot chocolate in one hand and my phone in the other. Summer was a good week, wasn't it?

What I've been doing:

I got a VegTrug (a raised-bed that looks like a trough) earlier in the year and severely over-planted it. Two months, a handful of strawberries, a couple of spring onions, and loads of lettuce later, the tomatoes are finally fruiting! Chillies are expected soon and I intend to make chilli sauce with my social enterprise towards the end of the year. I did it with cider at my old student radio station, I can do it with sauce.

I'm building a Google Chrome extension. It helps promote a more focused and minimal browsing experience by only letting you have one tab open at a time. It sounds wildly inconvenient but it's marvellous and I really enjoy using it. Suggestions for names include: Onetabulous (@smartin) and MonoChrome.

I took yesterday off with the plan to see Great Expectations at a gorgeous little open-air garden theatre in Oxfordshire. It was very touch-and-go all day and, as expected, was rained-off at the last minute. In the 23 years our family-friends have been going for, it has only been rained off one other time. Also Dickens. Still, it was fun, drinking Pimms in a downpour. We swapped our tickets for the afternoon performance today but the forecast isn't great either. I'll let you know how I get on in the next email...

What I've been reading, hearing, and watching:

I think we all feel the need to disconnect every once in a while - but how do you do that when your job relies on being plugged-in? 'How do newsreaders escape the news?' is an amazing Guardian piece.

I don't watch much TV but did see Joanna Lumley's new series where she explores India. It's unlike any travel documentary or series I've seen. Funny, humble, and beautifully shot, Lumley acts as both an authority and curious tourist, and opens up about her own life.

Not watching TV also means not watching Doctor Who. As soon as news of the 13th Doctor was announced I prattled "#DoctorWho politically correct" into Twitter's search bar. Don't do it, you'll just get angry.

I'm enjoying Dave Erasmus' Corcovado vlogs. He's been living in a Tiny Home for the past year, learning how to cook, clean, eat, and generally live in harmony with nature. Dave's a good guy, he founded Givey, the online charity donation platform - you should definitely watch his stuff.