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The World Cup and Which Wich

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Six months ago I told you about ONEYEARCLOCK, an annual clock I made that launched at the start of 2018.

ONEYEARCLOCK was birthed out of an obsession with time and although impossible to see its hand move at any given moment, the clock has been quietly ticking since I told you about it 182 days ago.

This is just a quick note to say that ONEYEARCLOCK is now at the bottom of its face, its hand pointing directly down. Happy Mid-Year!

Despite knowing nothing about football, I’ve been quite obsessed with the World Cup.

It began by making a wall-chart for Fun Kids, the UK’s only children’s radio station and continues with my own World Cup TV Schedule website.

I’m also top of the predictor at work, which is an achievement for someone who professes to knows nothing about anything, although I’m out of the £96 sweepstake. Cheers, Costa Rica.

What I’ve been reading:

The Wood For The Trees by Richard Fortey documents his move to a woods in Oxfordshire. I think I go past the wood he talks about on my commute every day, but I’m not entirely sure. It’s a fascinating read and Richard talks really passionately about everything he finds, from stones and moss to decaying trees and more.

I was half-way through ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race’ when I sent my last email. I’ve now finished that and it’s just as provocative as the title suggests; I’ll leave you to workout whether its title is constructive or not though, once you’ve read the book.

I have been re-reading Everything That Remains by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. It’s a memoir of sorts but is a fascinating read about our current consumer culture and how we ‘escape’ that. In this clip, Joshua reads from the book. It’s quite the jolt.

Utopia for Realists is what I’m digging into right now. It’s uplifting, it’s passionate and hopeful and exactly the thing I needed to read.

I also ordered The Wander Society by Keri Smith, author of Wreck This Journal. I’m looking forward to going through that when WH Smith decides it’s going to deliver it to me. It’s been a while. Maybe it’s gone wandering too.

What I’ve been listening to:

Florence and The Machine’s new album came out on Friday. It’s not as soaring as some of her previous stuff but I enjoy it nonetheless. I really like South London Forever - it’s a good song.

If you want to revisit your younger days, Panic! At The Disco’s new album is a departure from their angsty teenage sound and is more Sinatra than sayonara. Dancing’s Not a Crime is a good song but I’m surprised it’s not a single…

Matt and Kim’s latest album, Almost Everyday came out May 4th. You will have definitely heard something by them - either Daylight or Let’s Run Away.

I’ve also rediscovered Bloc Party’s Ion Square from their second album, Intimacy. It’s based on a poem by e.e.cummings which is just as good.

What I’ve been liking:

I don’t accept money or free stuff for these mentions (or anything else in this newsletter, for that matter). These are just some great people, companies, and organisations doing things that I appreciate. I’m sharing them with you in the hopes you can find some value in them too.

I had the greatest sandwich ever the other day from Which Wich, which is near Tottenham Court Road station. It’s a little like Subway but it tasted much better. You head in, grab a bag, tick what you want and then just hand it over and pay.

I got some deodorant cream (yep, cream - in a jar!) from The Future Kept. It’s made by Fat and The Moon and although the heat has temporarily turned it a little more fluid than it should be, it smells divine.

The Soap Co. is a social enterprise with a workshop in the Lake District. All their stuff is handmade in the UK by people who are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged I’ve ditched gargantuan bottles of body wash for physical bars of soap. Their Citrus Bar is great and produces less waste than those bottles, too.

I’ve really been liking SetApp. For the cost of a coffee a week, SetApp gives you access to loads of Mac apps. Boom3D is super impressive, and I’m not joking when I say that it’s totally changed the way I listen to music. You have to try it, if only for that.

01 July 2018

My monthly dispatches recap what I've been up to. Get updates in your podcast app.

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