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Coldplay, The 1975 and Shane Dawson

My monthly dispatches recap what I've been up to. Get updates in your podcast app.

October’s been a busy month for me! At the start of the month I undertook some freelance graphic design work for both RadioDNS and Digital Radio UK’s Drive to Digital conference, including some social media management for the latter. If I can help you with anything, let me know by getting in touch.

I’ve also been working on a ten-year version of my annual clock ready to launch at the start of the new decade, in less than two months. It’s an exploration of a few things; how can you display such a huge expanse of time visually and is it possible to build something on the internet to last 10 years? One decade ago Nokia was still a market leader in smartphones…

What I’ve been writing

I’ve been busy listing all of my items for an ‘Everything I Own’ post.

Minimalism is not about the number of items you own or even what the items you own are. You are not more or less of a minimalist for owning a car, a house, or having seven children. To me, minimalism is about curating objects that are both functional and beautiful and that add value to the life of its owner. That said, a list of items a self-confessed ‘minimalist’ owns is a valuable thing in its own right, especially if you’re looking to upgrade items and are after recommendations.

For those interested, I count 144 things at the moment!

What I’ve been reading

Aesop’s first foray into the world of publishing has gone well with a 300-ish page book about the inception of the brand. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m somebody that finds process more interesting than product and this book provides an insight into the company culture and thought that bolsters their brand.

What I’ve been watching

On a similar tone, I’m not interested in make-up but I have found Shane Dawson’s series about making a make-up range very good. After a month-long YouTube series the eye shadow palette went on sale yesterday and sold out almost instantly.

What I’ve been listening to

It’s been a diverse month for listening! As well as the new Coldplay tunes, Arabesque and Orphans, and The 1975’s latest release, A Frail State of Mind, I’ve been listening to music from The Japanese House, Brian Eno and Hiroshi Yoshimura.

I love the concept of The King Blues’ album 38 minutes, which follows the Hawaiian missile scare of 2018, but I’m not sure all of the music is for me.

I’ve also been listening to the three tunes available from Bloc Party member Kele’s new album, 2042.

What I’m liking

Backblaze, the service that backs up your entire computer to the cloud, has upgraded its file version history options and now provides 365-day and ‘forever’ options. Backblaze remains one of my favourite tools of all time and saved my butt when my iMac was stolen a few months ago.

I was chatting about brand loyalty with a friend towards the start of the month and explained that I have a list of preferred suppliers; the brands I know I can trust and go to in a heartbeat if I need something sorted. The list of everything I own makes obvious who these brands are. One of them is Ted Baker, whose smart shirts filled with garish patterns I’ve been enjoying of recent.

Alright, that’s all for now!  

As always, you can reach me on Twitter or via any of the methods on my about page if you need to chat.

03 November 2019

My monthly dispatches recap what I've been up to. Get updates in your podcast app.

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