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Recommendations from 2020

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I've collated my favourite albums, books, podcasts, TV shows and things I've purchased in 2020 all in one place. If you resonate with anything in these lists, remember to subscribe so you don't miss future recommendations.

As with everything on this website, I don't get paid or recieve free things in exchange for a recommendation; that's dishonest.

Favourites from 2020:


  1. Notes on a Conditional Form by The 1975
  2. Petals for Armor by Hayley Williams
  3. Folklore by Taylor Swift
  4. In The Darkest of Nights, Let The Birds Sing (EP) by Foster The People
  5. McCartney III by Paul McCartney

There's loads more music recommendations in this Apple Music playlist I've made:

Books and audiobooks

  1. Warhol: A Life As Art by Blake Gopnik
  2. A Promised Land by Barack Obama
  3. Meditations by Marcus Aurelis
  4. The Monocle Book of Gentle Living by Monocle
  5. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (The Hunger Games series) by Suzanne Collins

Podcasts I'm a little biased here; I work on most of these.

  1. Activity Quest from Fun Kids
  2. Stuck at Home from Fun Kids (Season 1 in the Activity Quest feed)
  3. The Globalist from Monocle 24
  4. The Week Junior Show from Fun Kids and The Week Junior
  5. The Minimalists Private Podcast from The Minimalists ($2 USD per month on Patreon)

TV shows and movies – I don't watch a lot of stuff so not all of these things were released in 2020, just the first three

  1. Criminal (Netflix Original)
  2. 60 Days In (via Apple TV)
  3. I Am Greta (via Apple TV)
  4. Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame (via Disney+)
  5. The Imitation Game (via Netflix)


  1. iPhone 12 Mini (Product RED)
  2. Apple Watch Series 6 (Product RED)
  3. BRÄDA laptop stand from IKEA (and a pack of velcro, to attach my many Samsung T5 SSD hard drives to it)
  4. iPhone SE (Product RED) – I swapped this for the iPhone 12 Mini in November
  5. Rozu Eau de Parfum by Aesop

Digital products and subscriptions

  1. Avid Pro Tools
  2. Ghost(Pro) – the very thing is hosted on
  3. – also where I host my podcast
  4. Apple One (Apple Music, TV+, News+, Fitness+, Arcade and 2TB of iCloud storage)
  5. Tresorit

As a reminder, I tell people what I've been up to and provide recommendations on what to listen to, read, watch, and procure every month in my newsletter. Sign up to get it for yourself by entering your email address at the bottom of any page on