Adam Ayrton Stoner


Hello, my name is Adam!

I graduated with 1:1 BA (Hons) in Radio Production from the University of Gloucestershire in 2016 and have been producing radio, digital, and design content for the UK's only children's radio station, Fun Kids, ever since.

I'm interested in minimalism, sustainability and the environment, and the impact of technology on people and the planet. I'm discovering more about the things that help make life more simple, safe, and private. When I need to deepen my understanding of something, I tend to break it down to a single problem and design either a product or a digital tool to investigate that problem. In the past, I’ve made both a physical and digital clock with a single hand that takes 365 days to complete a revolution, a tool that destroys tweets on a rolling basis, and more.

Ethics and integrity are a couple of my core principles which is why I take a tough stance on advertising and sponsored content and why I've chosen to host this very website with the not-for-profit, can't-be-sold, open-source product built by the Ghost Foundation, Ghost(Pro). I find the ongoing assault against privacy an affront which is why I've taken a stand and made this website without any kind of tracking beacons or social media icons that send your data back to tech-oligopolies with only de-facto consent. It's also why I financially and morally support tools that help grant individuals more privacy including zero-knowledge cloud storage and end-to-end encrypted messaging.

I've run social enterprise initiatives with these same values in mind, including a multi-award-winning cider co-operative. Profits went to support local projects including the University of Gloucestershire's Tone Radio – where I spent two years as Head of News and Head of Technical during university – and the All Golds rugby league team.

On this website I write about a mixture of things including technology and projects I'm working on, as well as hold conversations with people I find influential. I also share my monthly newsletter – Recently – where I tell people what I’ve been reading, writing about, listening to, and doing.

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Social: @admstnr on Twitter

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