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Bodies into billboards

This was published in 2020. It may contain outdated information, broken links, and views I no longer hold.

I’m not a fan of clothing emblazoned with huge brand names. Jumpers with the company name written across the front or designer logos that occupy a quarter of the garment turn your body into advertising real estate. When we buy clothing with brand names splashed across them in such ostentatious ways, you become ad space for some of the most powerful companies imaginable.

Instead of wearing the brand names of some of these companies and turning our bodies into billboards for them, what if we instead donated that space to organisations that help improve our world? Instead of wearing a t-shirt that bears the name of a soft-drinks company, let’s try wearing something that reflects our values.

Most charities have online stores and whilst a donation is worth far more to them than a t-shirt purchase, combining the two can be a powerful way to give. That’s why, when I need to replace an item of clothing this year, I’m going to start buying from my favourite charitable organisations and quite literally wear my values. I’ll get some replacement clothes, they’ll get some funding, we’ll both improve the world.

12 January 2020

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