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All emails answered

This was published in 2020. It may contain outdated information, broken links, and views I no longer hold.

Since mid-January, I’ve been replying to 100% of my emails. Every single one. It’s something I gleamed from Derek Sivers who over the past ten years has replied to 200,000 emails from 86,000 people – including ones from me. Thanks, Derek.

I used to hate email. It used to scare me. Far too formal. Far too pressing. Then, out of nowhere, I decided I was going to reply to every single email I received.

Yes, every email.

Even the spam emails. Even the mailing list emails. Even the ‘I filmed you jerking off through your computer webcam send me $2,000 in Bitcoin or I’ll send it to your contact list’ emails. (I wouldn’t pay even if it were true. My contact list might though, just so they don’t have to see that.)

All emails answered.

Email became fun. It became cheeky and chatty and casual. It became less about being a to-do list organised by other people and more about being a water cooler moment in the middle of my day. I began to like email and I think you can too.

Email me.

I’m [email protected].

Sometimes I’ll fire back a ‘Thanks!’, sometimes I’ll fire back something more in-depth and personal. Become a member by signing up for free at the bottom of any page on and you’ll get a VIP priority email address so I’ll reply to you even faster.

15 February 2020

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