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Everything I own

Minimalism is not about the number of items you own or even what the items you own are. You are not more or less of a minimalist for owning a car, a house, or having seven children. To me, minimalism is about curating objects that are both functional and beautiful and that add value to the life of its owner. That said, a list of items a self-confessed 'minimalist' owns is a valuable thing in its own right, especially if you're looking to upgrade items and are after recommendations.

So here's a list of everything I own.

For the sake of clarity, I've counted things as a single item if the object depends on another or if the object is functionally a single unit. For example, I wouldn’t own a MacBook without a MacBook charger, therefore the charger and its counterpart count as a single item. Similarly, a phone with a case functions like a single unit, so is counted as such. If I had a second case, that is counted as a second item because I can't use both simultaneously. This list also includes consumable items that will be with me for longer than one month, like toiletries and perfumes.

I've linked to the category of the item rather than the item itself where the item itself is no longer for sale. This list was published on November 2nd 2019 and is updated as and when I introduce into, and remove things from, my life.

Physical items

Technology (12 items)

Instruments (2 items)

Every day carry (4 items)

Stationery (6 items)

Books and magazines (7 items)

I tend to get rid of books once I've read them by either donating or passing them to friends. That said, as of writing this, I've currently got:

Bags (7 items)

Toiletries (23 items)

Clothes (79 items)

Trousers (4 items)

Jackets (3 items)

Shirts (6 items)

Jumpers (9 items)

T-shirts (12 items)

Charity t-shirts (1 item)

At the start of 2020, I made a pledge to replace clothing with items that better reflect my values and to use my body as a billboard not for fashion labels but instead for causes that improve our world. Here are the items I've replaced older ones with.

Shoes (4 items)

Other (40 items)

Accessories (3 items)

Furnishings (18 items)

Kitchen (8 items)

Other (6 items)

I make that to be approximately 174 items, 99.94% less than the average American home. Not that the number's important, of course.

When picking up a new item, I always consider a few key things:




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