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You can't afford the new iPhone, period.

9 days ago

Seconds ago, the brand new iPhone X was confirmed to be one of the first mobile phones to cost over £1,000.

With the median UK employee pocketing £18,200 a year, the iPhone 8 costs 121 hours of freedom, or 15 days at work. That figure assumes you have no bills to pay, no shelter to maintain, and need no food. The real cost, obviously, is so much more.

Before you pre-order your new iPhone, I have one question:

Are you going to get more value from a mobile phone - one that you're expected to trash in less than three-years and that does largely the same stuff (in different ways) than your current model - or half-a-month of your life?

I recently ditched my smartphone (an iPhone 6) in favour of a 'dumb-phone', one that only makes calls and sends texts.


To paraphrase Joshua Fields-Milburn, who wrote a similar piece called 'A Rolex Won’t Give You More Time': I obviously cannot and will not tell you what to do with this shiny new phone. What I can tell you is that I’m much happier (and more free) without mine.

This post has been updated since it was first published to reflect the fact that the iPhone X will cost £1,000 GBP and not a direct conversion of the $1,000 USD price.

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