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Happy Mid-Year!

3 months ago

New Year's Eve is full of reflection, optimism, and excitement - but it also casts the year as 'done' and the coming one as 'all to play for'.

In projects I run, work on, and work for, it's helpful to take a pause mid-way through to address the challenges we have ahead and remember all that we've accomplished. It keeps us focused and motivated, knowing that we've come so far but still have work to do.

July 2nd, 13:00 BST (noon GMT), marks the middle of a 365-day year.

I think we should all begin celebrating Mid-Year. Not in glitzy, star-studded television shows and drunken parties, but in a more meditative and solitary state. I think a Mid-Year would help us take stock of the achievements and lessons of the past 182-and-a-half days but still leave another 182.5 to look forward to - or change, in light of what we've learned.

It's easy to feel hopeless and overwhelmed when you're in the trenches - 2016's Celebrity Death Festival certainly brought that home to a lot of us - but sometimes sticking your head above the parapet helps give clarity, and, more importantly, shows where the fire is coming from.

Take the next few hours to pause and remember all you've done since January 1st and list down a couple of goals for the next 182-and-a-half days. Make the Mid-Year your New Year. And remember, as I said to a friend who had fallen off-track from her New Year's resolution a few months ago, any point can be your New Year - it just depends where you start counting.

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