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The Space Programme and Decade Clock

I now have a podcast!

It’s called Adam Ayrton Stoner (that’s me!) and it’s an alternative way to digest the essays I publish on this website.

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What I’ve been writing about…

If the previous decade was about radically open social media platforms (as Andy McIlwain calls them) I have a strong feeling that this coming decade will be the complete opposite. Instead of status updates sent into the unmanageable and unfiltered void, I’m betting on a flip from audience to community, from reach to engagement, and from viewers/listeners/readers to paid-up die-hard fans.

That’s the first paragraph of a post I wrote explaining why I’ve chosen to put my best work behind a free-to-enter paywall.

On that topic, one of my favourite creators has abandoned YouTube to exclusively upload to Patreon which is something that I think we’ll see a lot more people do in the future. One person paying $1 a month for videos is worth more than 100,000 people paying nothing.

What I’ve been listening to…

I want to hear new podcasts from independent producers. If you know of any (or are an independent podcast producer yourself) then let me know – the place to send your recommendations is [email protected].

Sam Walker used to be a BBC producer until she decided to pack up with her partner and children and move to the US. Sam Walker’s Desert Diaries chronicles her journey.

The Week Junior Show is approaching its 25th episode! If you’ve got children or young ones in your family, take a listen and record a voice memo for inclusion in the podcast. The contact details are in the show notes and in the pod itself.

Fun Kids’ Audio Content Fund(ed) radio drama podcast series, The Space Programme, takes off on February 21st. It’s produced by Bafflegab. I’ve been listening to it pre-release and also designed the podcast art – check it out, and tap to hear the trailer wherever you listen to podcasts.

On January 22nd, Hayley Williams of Paramore fame kick-started proper her solo career with Petals for Armo(u)r. Although a solo effort, the first single – Simmer – is produced by fellow Paramore member Taylor York whilst Lindsey Byrnes is credited as the Creative Director. I enjoy that musicians are breaking away from Global Release Day, which has been on a Friday since mid-2015.

I’ve been listening to SALES recently, too, and really recommend them. Artwork for all of the band’s releases is done by collage artist and designer Alana Questell. Not the best band name for SEO, though. (Which is actually why Chvrches uses a ‘V’ instead of a ‘U’, didn’t you know?)

Someone recommended Bill Evans’ posthumous album You Must Believe in Spring to me mid-month and now I’m recommending it to you. Find it on your streaming platform of choice and accompany it with some low-lighting and a nice drink.

What I’ve been reading…

I’ve been reading more classical literature recently. I’m currently mid-way through both the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius and selected poetry from Rumi, both published by Penguin Classics.

I also picked up Naomi Klein’s latest book, On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal, from Blackwell’s on Friday. I’m yet to dig into it but I’ve read some great reviews.

You’ve made a great choice in subscribing to this newsletter. I’ve been a long-time subscriber of Podnews but I’ve found it particularly useful lately too – and it’s the same story with both Ghost’s Publisher Weekly, Minimalism Life and Finimize.

What I’ve been working on…

I quietly launched Decade Clock at 00:00:00 on January 1st 2020. Sorry I didn’t share it earlier, it’s just that it doesn’t look that exciting for the first week or so. Like the annual clock I made with a single hand that takes 365 days to complete a revolution, Decade Clock also measures an impossibly long period of time.

Decade Clock consists of four concentric circles, each of which makes its way through the colour spectrum at a calculated rate. Working like planets in orbit, all colours are aligned at the start of a decade, a combination it will take ten years to return to. The result is a unique way to witness and reference the passing of time.

What I’ve been enjoying…

I’ve been doing more freelance work recently and Dropshare Cloud is a fantastic way to share files with clients and customise their experience. Custom URL, custom landing page – everything you need to give the people you’re working for a remarkable and rememberable experience. If you’d like to hire me to work on some of your things, get in touch.

ProtonMail, the end-to-end encrypted zero-knowledge email provider I use, recently launched their just-as-secure calendar, ProtonCalendar, as a beta. It’s nice but without mobile support it’s pretty useless. Nonetheless, I’ve seen their roadmap and I’m excited for what’s coming.

My podcast is hosted by Podcast.Co, the team behind Radio.Co. I’ve played with lots of podcast hosting tools in the past including Omny Studio (which we use at Fun Kids) as well as Podbean and Anchor. I can’t recommend them enough if you’re looking to start your own podcast in this beautiful Wild West. Don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast, ‘Adam Ayrton Stoner’, right now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts to digest the posts on this website in a different way.

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02 Feb 2020

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