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Aesop's Rozu and Trunk Clothiers

Hello, my name is Adam Ayrton Stoner and this is Recently, a monthly email round-up letting you know what I’ve been doing, reading, watching, listening to and enjoying recently.

In a typical month, I usually finish these newsletters about a week before they land in your inbox but this edition was hard to write for reasons that, if you flick to any news channel for 30 seconds or more, are plainly obvious.

This update began as a lengthy rant about a handful of wealthy companies that, in the face of lacking professional guidance of any kind, have announced a return to business as usual, all while your rule-abiding local florist, café or barbers stay shuttered – were we ever ‘all in this together’? If there is to be a silver lining for this virus, let it be further highlighting the dogshit companies to avoid when we come out of lockdown, none of which have ever featured in these newsletters.

Here’s the much more simple (and relaxed!) form this edition ended up taking instead.

This month, I’ve been:

I’ve been listening to:

I’ve been watching:

I’ve been reading:

I’ve been enjoying:

That’s all for now.

Until next time.

Your friend,
Adam Stoner

03 May 2020

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