Adam Stoner

Black Lives Matter

When the COVID-19 health crisis began, we packed up our problems into neat little boxes and popped them in the corner of the room.

‘We’ll deal with those later,’ we said. ‘We have more urgent matters right now. People are dying.’

As anyone who has ever done a house clear-out knows – and we’ve all had enough time to! – the rubbish doesn’t throw itself away. The problem sit there until you deal with it. But in this metaphor, the problems aren’t labelled ‘Kitchen junk’ and ‘Old bedding’, they’re ‘Institutional racism’ and ‘Structural inequality’.

Is this a surprise to you? It isn’t to me. All of the things we faced pre-coronavirus will continue to exist post-coronavirus. We’ve packaged the problems and know what they are but the stack of boxes is starting to fall under its own weight. Who are you? Are you going to try and re-stack those boxes to be dealt with even later or are you going to address the problem head-on and finally sort out the mess you’ve been living in?

Tick tock. People are dying.

02 Jun 2020

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