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Thoughts, stories and ideas: Saying goodbye to Ghost

Tumblr taught me HTML and CSS. Ghost taught me so much more.

I’ve been using Ghost since pre-V1. It’s an amazing, open-source Content Management System that taught me oodles about not just the languages it’s written in but also CLI, server management, and how to deploy things online.

After several months of running Ghost solo on DigitalOcean, I moved to Ghost(Pro) where team that makes Ghost runs your Ghost site for you; they handle SSL, CDN, they’ll deal with upgrades, and, as the product developed, they also dealt with the introduction of newsletters, payment gateways, and more.

I’ve watched Ghost grow over the past five years (they’re now on V4.4) but a few days ago, I said goodbye.

I downloaded my self-coded theme and re-wrote the entire thing in Liquid and am now using Jekyll.

I still love Ghost and I’ll continue to sing its praises long into the future but there are two key reasons I departed…

It’s cheaper.

I use Cloudflare Pages to host this website. It’s free!

It’s simpler.

Jekyll is so easy.

I write posts in Markdown in any text editor (I like Nova), commit changes to a private Github repository, and Cloudflare Pages builds the thing automatically.

Ghost is slowly departing from a simple blogging platform to a fully-fledged creator studio complete with memberships, newsletters, and other community tools. I admire that goal and I think Ghost is going to have a very successful future; it could radically shake-up the way that creators make money online by separating them from platforms like Patreon and Substack.

But it’s not what I’m looking for. I don’t need those things…

When you make a new Ghost blog, the description of your site is autofilled: Thoughts, stories and ideas.

In binning Ghost, I hope to get back to what blogging is to me: diary entries on the internet. Sure, there will be accompanying audio narration (I am an audio producer after-all) but I’m not looking to be an influencer.

I’m just me.

And these are just my thoughts, stories, and ideas.

08 Apr 2022

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