Adam Stoner

Donating 2%

This essay follows one I wrote in 2019 titled ‘Donating 1%’. In it, I explain why I donate 1% of my earnings to not-for-profit causes and list those causes for both transparency and in hope it might inspire you to give.

In 2021, I am donating 2% of my gross earnings to climate change solutions. Like previous years, I am splitting that percentage to tackle the problem in different ways but unlike previous years, they do not have to be not-for-profit.

For 2021, I am committing…

I am achieving this in partnership with Ecologi, a platform that buys carbon offsets and makes donations to tree plantation programs en-masse. As a for-profit company, they charge 12.5% of my total donations for the service which is a significant amount less than the Individual Member dues of 1% For The Planet, a program I will cease to participate in.

In terms of not-for-profits, I will continue a donation to Cool Earth each month, a charity that has been touted as the most effective not-for-profit for fighting the climate crisis. Including this monthly donation, my giving total for 2021 is likely to be 3% of my gross income.

10 Jan 2021

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