Adam Ayrton Stoner

Privacy & Ads

Advertising and sponsorship

Ads aren't just annoying, they commonly invade your privacy and track your digital activity. I also believe advertisements masquerading as content is dishonest and dangerous. Therefore, I don’t get paid, accept things for free, or use referral links to earn a commission on anything on this domain. Everything here is an honest recommendation, mentioned because I see what the company is doing, have experienced their customer service or products, and think you would get some value from them also.

Selling my opinion for cash or freebies is not, and never will be, on the cards. I think people who accept these things to provide a so-called recommendation, even when they’re transparent about the fact they’ve received compensation, are boasting that their integrity and honesty depends on remuneration.


I find the ongoing assault against privacy an affront which is why I've taken a stand and made this website without any kind of tracking beacons or social media icons that send your data back to tech-oligopolies with only de-facto consent. When using embeds, I always opt for privacy-enhanced options like YouTube No Cookie.

Some people say they collect information about you to 'help improve their service' so maybe my website will be shitty forever, but I'd much rather be shitty than spy on you.