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Thoughts on the EU Referendum

This was published in 2016. It may contain outdated information, broken links, and views I no longer hold.

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Right now the United Kingdom is on the precipice of massive social, political, and economic change; change that has the power to shape generations, divide or unite a continent, and completely subvert the way an entire nation operates. We are going through one of the most revolutionary times in modern history, certainly the most radical in all of my 21 years on planet Earth. Although millions are already muddling together to make sense of what’s been happening – across dinner tables, on social media, and on television – I haven’t contributed my voice yet.

I can’t provide insight or statistics. I don’t have them – I don’t want to provide them. If you want insight, there are plenty of other people who can tell you exactly what I would, who can tell you precisely why this referendum happened and who can best-guess the next steps. I don’t even want to provide reflection. There’s better-written reflection and analysis from the media heavyweights. Let’s face it, among all of the bickering trash from long-lost school friends on your Facebook newsfeed, you don’t need another schmuck arguing about the result. I know politics but I won’t pretend I’m Dimbleby.

No, this is an acceptance. I’m in awe. Last week, millions exercised a right we take for granted. Those people ‘did democracy’ and shaped the future of our country. You can’t say nobody cared. I believe everyone made the right choice when they stepped in to polling booths across the nation last Thursday. I disagree with the outcome but I respect it. They voted for the choice they felt was right, not only for themselves but also right for the country.

Last night, mulling over the onslaught changes to come, I remembered a poster from my secondary school: ‘History doesn’t feel like history when you’re living through it’, it read. Except this does. If we’re ever going to see the change we want, this is the time to push for it. If we want electoral reform, push for it. If we want a more equal, more just society, push for it. If we want better environmental regulation, push for it. If we want co-operation, push for it. This is a revolution.

25 June 2016

My monthly dispatches recap what I've been up to. Get updates in your podcast app.

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