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How to Journal (7 Day Course)

How to get started with journaling, keep momentum, and make a habit, plus 366 journaling prompts and notable people, past and present, for whom journaling has changed their lives.

In this course you will:

What you get:

An introduction to journaling: What is journaling and why should you bother? I break down the personal and scientific benefits of journaling.

Multimedia journaling and journaling tools: Pen and paper isn't the only way to journal. I explore audio journaling, photo journaling, and video journaling too, sharing my favourite journaling tools along the way.

How to get started, keep momentum, and make a habit: Consistency is key. I'll share ways to keep yourself motivated and journal long into the future.

PLUS BONUS CONTENT: 366 journaling prompts – one for every day of the year! – and notable people for whom journaling has changed their lives.

This course is delivered via email as a beautifully designed 73-page PDF pack with over 50 references to scientific journals, books, and articles. I've written it for you to comfortably progress through over 7 days but you can complete it at whatever pace you like.

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