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🆕  Changing my mind in public ›

Why I'm removing the paywall on and cancelling your paid-for subscriptions in return for more free and open content

Donating 2% ›

Alternatives to 1% For The Planet, why I am donating 2% of my income in 2021 to charitable causes and exactly how that's split

Goodbye, Twitter ›

I will not read Twitter again. I will not respond to DMs. I will not be tweeting again. I no longer use Twitter and haven't since 6 September 2020.

Activity Quest ›

Fun Kids' Stuck at Home podcast I've been producing and editing becomes Activity Quest.

Stuck at Home ›

I’ve been producing and editing a podcast called Stuck at Home, for little ones on lockdown.

Subscribe to my podcast ›

You can subscribe right now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Community over audience ›

I've taken a decision that some of the mightiest publishing giants in the world have struggled with this past decade and implemented something akin to a paywall. Here's why.

Introducing ONEYEARCLOCK ›

ONEYEARCLOCK is a clock with a single hand that takes 365 days to complete a revolution.

Core Blimey: Award winning cider ›

Core Blimey Cider – the University of Gloucestershire’s social-enterprise that I’ve been working on for the past year – won Tone Radio an award earlier this week