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🆕  HEY for Work ›

Review of HEY for Work. Everything I love and hate about HEY for Work and using custom domains on HEY email.

Recommendations from 2020 ›

Top podcasts of 2020 as well as top albums, books and audiobooks of 2020

1,000 trees and 1.5 degrees ›

How to become carbon neutral cheaply. Be carbon neutral for less than £400.

Ethical alternatives to big brands ›

Every act our money is involved in is tacit moral, political, and ethical support. Pick better options.

iPhone SE ›

Why the iPhone SE is the most significant event in the consumer electronics industry to date.

Weapons of mass creation ›

These are the tools I use to make and manage my most creative projects.

Recommended coffeehouses ›

Here are some of my favourite coffeehouse haunts near the office and beyond. Pret never needs to be on the cards again!

How Bad are Bananas? ›

I bought a book on a whim last weekend. 'How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything' seemed like a nice read, given all of the work I plan to do this year on the environment.