Adam Stoner

I believe copyright laws hinder the evolution of art and ideas which is why I'm uncopyrighting everything I have ever made. I hope that in uncopyrighting my work it removes barriers that traditionally prevent sharing and adaptation and empowers people to work freely.

This uncopyright license is applicable to everything I have made, past, present, and for future works unless explicitly indicated.

This notice is all the permission you need.

In short, I am releasing the copyright on all text, images, and audio on, in my podcast feed, as well as everything that was posted on my now-deleted social media accounts.

The same is true for music I have released as both myself and as Digital Sleep Sounds and photographs or other graphical elements I have shared elsewhere on the internet, including on stock image websites.

There are no stipulations, no rules, and no licensing agreements necessary when concerning content I have made.

However, there are a handful of important caveats.

This uncopyright license is provided as-is – just like all of the work it's applicable to – and this license does not (because it cannot) apply to:

If you're unsure whether something belongs to me or to somebody else, ask. I will always reply and it could save you a hell of a lot of trouble with people much less kind than I am.

Generally speaking, I appreciate a heads-up if you're using a considerable chunk of my work and I like being credited where possible: my name (Adam Stoner) and a link to my website ( are preferable. I like people who share their work under the same or a similar license too. None of these things are mandatory.

If you're a massive, multi-national, multi-million dollar company and you're using my work in a campaign of yours, you're welcome to get in touch and send some of your marketing budget my way! You do not have to, however.

I was inspired to uncopyright my work by Leo Babauta, who has also uncopyrighted his.

All of these ideas are stolen. In that way, they're yours as much as they're mine. — Leo Babauta