Adam Stoner


I believe copyright laws hinder the evolution of art and ideas which is why I'm uncopyrighting everything I have ever made. I hope that in uncopyrighting my work it removes barriers that traditionally prevent sharing and adaptation and empowers people to work freely.

This uncopyright license is indiscriminately applicable to everything I have made, past, present, and for future works unless explicitly indicated. That includes posts and photographs on as well as everything on my social media accounts. There are no stipulations, no rules, no licensing. In short, there are no restrictions.

This license does not apply to things other people have made that I might be using (like photographs via Unsplash) nor does it apply to things I have made for other people (like my work at Fun Kids), or am one of several contributors of (like The Week Junior Show). If you're unsure whether something belongs to me or to somebody else, ask.

Generally speaking, I appreciate a heads-up if you're using a considerable chunk of my work, I like being credited where possible. None of these things, however, are mandatory.

I was inspired to uncopyright my work by Leo Babauta, who has also uncopyrighted his.

All of these ideas are stolen. In that way, they're yours as much as they're mine. — Leo Babauta

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