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Contents of the Capsule

On June 14th 2021, I burried a time capsule in amongst ten tonnes of hardcore at the end of my garden which would later become the concrete foundations of a log cabin.

Concrete has a lifespan of aproximately 100 years so sooner or later, the time capsule will be recovered by whoever owns the property at the time they come to remove it. A plaque inside the log cabin marks the location of the capsule.

The contents of this capsule were hastily compiled over a weekend in June. This post serves as a reminder of the date it was buried and what is inside it. This list was compiled several months after the burial of the time capsule so should be regarded as a very best guess, rather than a definitive list.

A handwritten note signed and dated by myself covers the lot. It ends:

We hope you have archived the technology to play, understand and make sense of these things, however many years into the future you unearth this capsule.


The capsule contains:

All of that, plus a USB C solid state 1TB hard drive containing:

Spring Cottage (Grade II listed), Bishopstone
St Mary's Church (Grade I), Bishopstone
The view from the garden; Prince, Liz and Dad
View of the garden, April 2021
View from Uffington White Horse, a line of wind turbines in the distance