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Goodbye, Twitter

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6 September 2009 was my first day on Twitter.

6 September 2020 will be my last.

At 12:33 BST on 6 September 2020, exactly 11 years after its creation, all past tweets on @admstnr will be automatically deleted.

The bio will be changed to the following:

I no longer use Twitter and haven't since 6 September 2020. Visit to find out what's happening or email to get in touch.

After I've updated that, I will change my password, and I'll log out.

I will not read Twitter.
I will not respond to DMs.
I will not be tweeting.

Whether this is forever or not is yet to be seen, but my track record for returning to these kinds of things after taking such nuclear options isn't particularly forgiving. I binned Facebook in mid-2019 after doing something similar, Instagram also.

For now, the best place to keep up with me is here on, via my podcast (which is an audio version of this website), and via my free newsletter which I send out once per month.

UPDATE: In December 2020, I deleted my Twitter account for-good.

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